Ion Beam Sputtering IBS Coatings thin film deposition mixture coatings





Qingdao Ruifeng Oude provides professional ion beam sputtering coating technology materials to download, especially mixture coatings technology from Cutting Edge Coatings GmbH, in order to help customers to know better about ibs deposition system and thin film coatings. If you would like to have this materials , please connect us. Thank you.



Highly stable mixed coating layers for optical applications


Kai Starke ⁎      Detlev Ristau



Influence of ion beam parameters on to two-dimensional optical thin film thickness distributions

deposited by ion beam sputtering


Wjatscheslaw Sakiewa⁎  Kai Starke,  Detlev Ristau



Large area precision optical coatings by reactive ion beam sputtering


Wjatscheslaw Sakiewa,⁎  Kai Starke,  Stefan Schrameyer




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