Ion beam sputtering (ibs) coatings ion beam sputter deposition system coating machine

离子束溅射镀膜设备-德国CEC离子束溅射镀膜机 离子束溅射镀膜IBS-德国CEC Navigatior 1100真空镀膜机



The products of the Cutting Edge Coatings GmbH are: Ion Beam Sputtering Coatings System - NAVIGATOR IBS DEPOSITION SYSTEMS, which aim at the implementation of coating processes with the highest reachable quality. The products ranges from small manually controlled coating plants for in-house research & development purposes up to highly complex systems with automated coating procedures for industrial series production. If you want to have more detailed information about CEC IBS coating machines, please connect us.

CEC IBS DEPOSITION SYSTEMS have four different types:


NAVIGATOR 1100 Standard

NAVIGATOR 1100 Load-lock

NAVIGATOR 1000 Customized

NAVIGATOR 2100 is the newest and next generation IBS coating system. The special feature is that, it equipped with Two D600mm substrate palates and each palate holder can bear more than 100kg heavy substrate, which make the big diameter substrate coating into reality and improve the productivity hugely.

NAVIGATOR 1100 Standard is the standard IBS coating system of CEC, which is with One D400mm palate in the coating chamber. It is equipped with 3 grid RF ion source system, zone target witch can do mixture coatings,  vacuum pump system, cooling water system, electric cabinet and so on. Other Navigator IBS systems are upgraded based on this classical type.

 NAVIGATOR 1100 Load-Lock is the superstar product and popular in industry companies, because with Load-Lock Transfer System can continue to do many coating runs without open the chamber door, so that save a lot of time and cost as well as increase the productivity.

NAVIGATOR 1100 Customized means the IBS system  is made as customers' wish. For example, one D400mm palate can be changed into two D350mm palate (PUKI System); Uniformity Mask and Substrate Heater system can  be also added into coatings chamber. Other wished can be also fulfilled. Meeting customers need and making customers satisfaction is our goal.

CEC  IBS  - Navigator 1100 CustomizedCEC  IBS  - Navigator 1100 StandardCEC  IBS  - Navigator 2100CEC  IBS  - Navigator 1100 Load - Lock<>

The service of the CEC GmbH spans the identification of the appropriate coating system concept, the proof-of-principle for the desired coating products, the implementation of the system and the qualification of processes at the customer’s premises.

Focused on the customer requirements, coating processes can be developed and qualified during the implementation phase. Dedicated test set-ups are available at Cutting Edge Coatings and Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. for optics characterization (spectrophotometry, optical losses, laser-induced damage threshold).


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离子束溅射镀膜设备-德国CEC离子束溅射镀膜机离子束溅射镀膜IBS-德国CEC Navigatior 1100真空镀膜机

离子束溅射镀膜设备-德国CEC离子束溅射镀膜机离子束溅射镀膜IBS-德国CEC Navigatior 1100真空镀膜机