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Qingdao Ruifeng Oude Technology Co.,LtdQingdao Ruifeng Oude is found in 2019 in Qingdao, China. As a spin-off company of Cutting Edge Coatings GmbH(CEC), Ruifeng Oude  is the Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) coating machine sale agent and after-sale service in China.Cutting Edge Coatings GmbH has more than 20 years experience of producing IBS coating system.  Every year CEC takes part in national scientific research projects, sometime also participates in international scientific research projects. In 2020, CEC wins the honors of " innovative through research" by Germany science Stifterverband. Who we  are 》Sell Ion Beam  Sputtering (IBS) Coating Machine and After-sale ServiceThe main business of Ruifeng Oude is to sell ion beam sputtering coating machines (IBS coating  system) as well as other high tech machines, products and technology from Europe, especially from Germany; and also to provide high quality after-sale service to the customers in China.CEC's IBS  coating machine can not only do general High- Low (HL) thin film layers , but also can do mixture materials  coating. it means, ion source sputters two different materials targets at the same time. This advanced mixture coating technology has many  advantages, such as form grade index, eliminate the film interface, super low stress, produce complicated Regute filters... . Provide these cutting-edge IBS coating technology is also our business, and we are always here to support our customers stay ahead of their competitors. What we are doing Innovative through Research  in 2020Cutting Edge Coating GmbH participates in the survey on research and development of companies in Germany 2020. The Stifterverband of Germany science honors our research work with the seal of approval "Innovative through research". CEC now is taking part in "BINGO - Bonding of optical components" science  research project since 2020.New IBS Coating  Machine is delivered to South Korea in Jan , 2021In Jan 2021, CEC has deliveried one Navigator IBS system to South Korea; In Dec. 2020, CEC deliveried Navigator IBS to Lithuania; In Nov.2020, CEC deliveried Navigator IBS to USA; In July  2020, CEC sent out a new IBS  coating system - NAVIGATOR 1100 to Netherlands.  It has a special meaning to CEC, because Netherlands is the 11th country which CEC sale  NAVIGATOR IBS  to.  Our customers come form Europe as well as USA ,  Asia  and India. Now more and more new customers come to us.Next Generation  IBS Coating  System - NAVIGATOR 2100In 2020 CEC has successfully developed the new IBS Deposition System -  NAVIGATOR 2100 . it  has two diameter 600mm substrate palettes, which will improve the productivity hugely, and also make the big diameter substrate coating in reality.  And  this new type IBS system has been used by our customer already. The News Bring Cutting-edge Innovations in IBS Coating and Make Customer SatisfactionThe coating process is based on reactive ion beam sputtering of metal targets. The equipment incorporates about 20 years of experience in the field of IBS coatings for high performance laser applications. The coating systems are designed for the manufacture of thin-film optical coatings for most demanding applications in fine optics and laser technology.Custom-tailored processes are optimized by using test set-ups for damage resistance, absorption, scattering etc. designed according to ISO standards. Help our customer to have the advanced IBS coating technology is our work, and we are always here whenever our customer need us. Our Philosophy 》

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